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Week 5 Intuition Intellect and The Infinite Wisdom Between

  • 123 Pitt Street Mt Pleasant SC USA (map)
The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and have forgotten the gift.

Intuition and Intelligence are very different ways of knowing and are often thought of in opposing ways. Most of us tend to default into one or the other. Do you gravitate towards thinking or feeling, Intellect or intuition?
Intuition is an innate knowing. A knowing what we know, without necessarily knowing how we know it. Intelligence on the other hand, is valued as an expression of logical and rational inquiry. As Albert Einstein's famous quote states above, many of us tend to value intelligence over intuition I believe that the truth lays married between the two.  

If you are living mostly in your logically mind yet know there is another way of being and would like to learn more about the intuitive gift given to each of us, or if you play mostly in the intuitive realm and want to learn to ground, center and balance while going deeper in, then this workshop is for you.

During this workshop you will learn just how intertwined this dynamic duo really is. We will have great discussions, hands on exercise and learn sustainable tools to help us turn on, tune in and tap into our innate knowing. Pairing this with our intellectual mind will take us into another space that I like to call the domain of the soul. For more information and to register for this five-week course please hit the register button below.