"Working with Scotti has taught me that living an intuitive life is in fact the normal way to live.... That it doesn’t serve us to keep our intuitive gifts a secret. It is in fact a part of our being and as such should be embraced for ourselves but also as a means to be of service to others. She made me feel confident about who I am and all that I have to offer. Her coaching has helped me transcend all that I am into the world to serve my purpose with passion."
Farhan Dhalla Spiritual Personal Trainer
Voted Canada's Best Fitness Instructor 2010

"I am so happy and blessed to have shared this day with a group of wonderful, soulful, women.....Perfect blend of wisdom, beautify, connection and energy!! Thank you!"
Participant @The Sophia Institute Intuition & Writing Workshop 2/08/14

"As a friend and as an occasional intuitive guide Sarah Scott has brought a very powerful, loving, and wise presence into my life.  Her ability to clearly intuit the points of growth and pivotal influences in one's life is really astounding.  This coupled with her ability to see the highest and most expanded scenario must be what accounts for her popularity in the work that she does.  In my mind she is unflinching in her passionate dedication to helping others through enlightening , uplifting, and and clarifying."
J Baker, Charleston SC


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Tuck Self is an author, radio show host, visionary teacher and all around lover of life.
T. Self, Surfside Beach, SC

Scotti is a beautiful person who is very insightful. she has a gift from the Universe that has helped many. I highly recommend her services." BL, LMT. Charleston SC LinkedIn.

"Scotti is a real visionary and has a unique ability to connect the larger picture into the present challenge or opportunity. Her compassion blended with her wisdom is simply spectacular! I always leave her sessions with a clear perspective and clear direction. Scotti understands the real life drive and empowers that engine so you can step in and stand in your amazing love and power. She can press all the right buttons for success!"
Preyia Andherson, Strategic Life Coach
London, England

"Good morning Sarah Scott!  Thank you so much for your time and loving messages yesterday.
Thank you for extending a miracle of healing to me.  This morning I feel a peace I have not felt in quite a while."
E.F. Charleston, SC

"Scotti Holloway is a gifted spiritual teacher and an amazing mentor! I have taken her Pathways to Intuition Level 1 & 2 class and she has helped me to communicate with divine more clearly and to get rid of any blocks keeping me from using this gift. I am so thankful for her unique classes, that most would have to travel outside of Charleston to have. Classes are smaller so that you can have intimate, comfortable setting with personal instruction. I highly recommend her for sessions and classes!"
R. J., Charleston SC

One of the most Spiritually connected people I have ever encountered.  Scotti’s clarity in her role as intuitive & mentor is astounding.  Her teaching style is playful & empowering.  I would recommend her to anyone looking to further their studies in the Spiritual realm, gain insight into their own path or connect with the wisdom within .  She’s amazing!”     
Kristi R. Charleston, SC

"This was magical and so timely for me. It's exactly what I needed for soul medicine this weekend.
....Thank you, thank you, thank you!"
Participant @The Sophia Institute Intuition & Writing Workshop 2/08/14


"Sarah Scott is a beautiful gift to the world.  Her wisdom comes straight from the heart and soul.  Sarah's gentle and loving approach helped me see that although she was there to guide me, she was also there to help me remember that I too had this intuitive ability...I just had to be open and available to it.  My time spent with Sarah was like a breath of fresh air and served to remind me of who I really am and why I am here. Not only did she help provide clarity in my personal life, she was also instrumental in helping me see a broader purpose in my professional work with parents and children. Sarah, I am so grateful you're in my life and look forward to continuing my life's journey with you!"
Bonnie Compton, Charleston SC
Child & Adolescent Therapist/Parent Coach
Author of Mothering with Courage

"Scotti's foundation of being steeped in strong religious practices growing up in the church supported her continued learning and discovery of other modalities and spiritual principals that brings her to who she is and who she serves today.  Her ability to blend it all together in a language that doesn't set limits or boundaries around personal belief systems is such an amazing gift for so many." Moderator for "Get Your Shift Together"online video series with Martha O'Regan


"Thank you so much for putting this retreat together. I am just so thankful I got to be a part of it all. All of the group talks and activities were mind opening and inspiring. I am newer on this journey than most of the other women and being around them and hearing their stories and ideas was incredible. I am so excited to take what I have learned on this journey back to my everyday life. I am so excited to expand and grow as I continue to follow my path to enlightenment. I can't wait for another retreat! Thank you Scotti. you are truly an incredible soul!"
Participant at The Art of Intuitive Living Women's Coastal Retreat 2016

Scotti is one of the most caring, intuitive people I have been blessed to know.
With her loving counsel, I have been able to survive the death of my son. She guides me in finding inner strength, power, and courage to face another day. Her words of wisdom are a great comfort and importance to me. We as a world, are fortunate to have her.
Barbara Rawson
Johns Island, SC

"Scotti has been very helpful for me in the past several years and her sense of dealing with clients is unique, grounded, and also professional. For any type of work dealing with the healing arts, I highly recommend Scotti."
J. Haass, Bradenton Florida

"Thank you for making this weekend so relaxing. Your easy spirit directed the energy so everyone bonded and felt familiar quickly, allowing vulnerability and truth to rise up and out like the tides! Gratitude, gratitude, Gratitude!"
Participant at The Art of Intuitive Living Women's Coastal Retreat 2016

"This Retreat has been life changing! I came not knowing what to expect but ready and drawn to whatever experiences and memories were to be shared. Scotti, you are a beautiful teacher. This journey was perfect and I so enjoyed every piece of it. Catherine's writing exercises were inspiring and empowering. She equipped me with additional tools to place in my toolbox and her gentle spirit yet powerful presence was one I will never forget. The individuals in this group brought energetic and dynamic blessings to form a group that I leave feeling so connected to. I am grateful for each person and their shared hearts.
Thank you Thank you Thank you!" Nancy S., Charleston SC

"Scotti is an amazing person. I have never before encountered such a being of light. She has a way of perceiving the world around her from a beautiful perspective. When you are blessed to be in the presence of her energy, you always come away feeling better. I've worked with Scotti as a mentor for awhile now and she has definitely enhanced my life in untold ways. She has helped me live a more intuitive life, allowed me to view the world from a more positive perspective, and is in the process of assisting me find the career path that will help me along my journey. All I have to say is THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart, with a lot of gratitude. I would be in a much different place if she hadn't come into my life!" B.H., Buffalo NY

"I have completed both level I and level II of "The Pathways of Intuition". What a vast amount of knowledge learned over the 4 week course. Scotti's knowledge and delivery of the subject matter are 100% on target. Her encouraging words and wisdom are helpful on this journey. I highly recommend these (or any) classes. You will walk away with a tremendous amount of knowledge and know how, you won't be disappointed! She's the best." DR. M. McDonald

The Moment that I speak to Sarah no matter what the situation I feel a tremendous sense of comfort. I am truly confident in her guidance and support as she speaks from such a highly intuitive place. You can be assured that her work is authentic and from a place of integrity. She has an acute sense and can see through all the crap and put together the pieces that are relevant and most important. I always feel better after speaking with her. I suggest anyone in need of intuitive guidance to contact her. You will not only be amazed with her professionalism but instantly fall in love with her charm, personality, and kindness. Sarah is a true example of what it is to be a “Light Worker”. God bless her always.”
F.B. Toronto, Canada

"Scotti is amazing! She is genuinely led by her strong sense of intuition therefore enabling you to see the path of your highest and greatest good." Chris T. Charleston, SC