working with scotti

"There is a voice that doesn't use words. Listen." Rumi
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One to One Private

During each one-to-one personal session,  Scotti uses a combination of intuition, Divine guidance and Spiritual teaching to provide you with clarity about the next best step for your soul growth and heart healing. Her sessions are clear, practical and simple and will provide you with information that will help you move forward while finding balance in your life.

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Intuitive Life Mentoring

With the understanding that intuition is a part of everyone's Divine Design and not just a few select individuals, Scotti has developed a personal intuitive coaching modality called "The Art of Intuitive Living". Through customized programs and individual guidance, she helps her clients to recognize the powerful guidance system within, taking the Woo-Woo and mystery out of our ability to understand things beyond our logical thinking. 

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Retreats & Workshops

Scotti offers 2 retreats a year for those wanting to connect with a larger community of like minded individuals.  She also facilitates workshops and guest presents throughout the year at different venues.