Intuitive Life Sessions

During each one-to-one personal session, I use a combination of intuition, Divine guidance and Spiritual teaching to provide you with clarity about the next best step for your soul growth and heart healing. My sessions are clear, practical and simple and will provide you with information that will help you move forward while finding balance in your life.

During our time together, you will receive guidance that helps illuminate the choices that you have in order to live your highest potentiality. We will also look at any mis-beliefs you may have and give insight as to why things may not be going as you would like, show you an objective perspective on issues you may be struggling with, and clarity so that you may move forward in life with peace of mind and renewed confidence.

Please note that the session is co-creative energy with the guidance you need already within you. Each session should confirm for you what you already know, giving you hope and inspiration illuminating your path as you continue along your journey.  I am simply a channel or conduit to the information that is always within.

There is no question too embarrassing or difficult for a session. During our time together, I will work with you from the energetic heart level. Clarity and your hearts healing is the anticipated outcome and I am always guided to offer what serves you best in each particular moment.

60 Min Session $175.00
30 Min Session $100.00
90 Min Session $245.00